Thank you to everyone who participated in Blue Dot 2017...



Blue Dot is a Kitchener, Ontario based music and art gathering that has been happening since 2000. Blue Dots were born from a desire to have inspiring and unusual social events that encourage participants to feel wonder and engagement. They are designed to stimulate curiosity, belonging and intelligent play through the use of sculptural and interactive artwork, performance, and music. Themes that recur are: nature, human interaction with nature, time, space, technology, surprise, humour, and a deepening of social possibilities.

Blue Dots are intentionally welcoming spaces. Having the audience at ease encourages connection and a shared experience. The resonance of this continues after the event; it builds affinity and helps different thinkers and ideas come together in a playful way. Being inspired collectively builds community.

The music and art serve to support a meaningful experience. In past Blue Dots, one may have encountered large luminescent artworks, mirrors that don’t reverse your image, machines that make paintings, and tiny indoor forests with folk musicians. There are places to rest, places to talk, and places to dance to incredible underground music on a clean soundsystem. We care about visual, audio and social fidelity. We make space for us to feel an ecologically, socially and technologically balanced future –  a future that supports life and exploration