Blue Dot Presents, in conjunction with Open Ears:

The Giant's Pleasure Garden
June 1st -  10 PM Until late


The warmth has returned

Join us for an intimate single-room evening of seasonally playful music in an environment of green whimsy.  We gather to remember our union with nature in all it's unknown expanse. Let us go deep as we open up to seasonal change. Let us be fearless as we feel the cycles of growth that sustain, nurture and propel us.

We are in the Giant's Pleasure Garden.



Mike Shannon - Mischievous legendary producer and DJ (DE)  
Leelee Mishi - Deep warm beats, always a pleasure (CA) 
spooloops - Live on machines, deep space-techno with a wink (CA) 
Purrpelle - Saucy, bouncy, swinging  rumpus (CA)