Blue Dot 2017

All the Blue Dot's have been special, but Blue Dot 2017 was unique in that we were the first to inhabit a historic Mennonite church since the building was sold. We understood that a lot of life and community had happened here and though we are secular, we respected that we too are providing a similar service. A gathering of people in respect and a little reverence. It took a long time to determine if we could mount an all-night event in a space surrounded by residences and it took a lot or preparation; mapping all the power, building soundproof inserts for the windows, getting all the fire alarms and smoke detectors tested and approved. It was truly a privilege to get to know every nook, cranny and secret door. We too left secrets hidden away for explorers to find in the future. Many people didn't discover everything. It was fun to watch people find other room's of music, or artworks, half-way through the evening. It makes for stories and memories of an emotional landscape that is not found in the common culture. It helps us feel our untapped potential. It helps us feel there are still so many mysteries to explore in our human experience.